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Exterior Painting, St. Augustine Shores

One of the most questions we receive here at Premier St. Augustine Exterior Painting, is whether they can hire exterior painting services but not our interior painting services. This is usually done by homeowners or business owners who naturally want to save some money by making interior wall painting a do-it-yourself project instead. Painting your own interior walls, however, is not necessarily cheaper than hiring professional interior house painters.

Most painting companies like Premier St. Augustine Exterior Painting have access to discounted rates of prominent painting products which automatically gives your local painters access to below retail price tubs of wall paint. Professional painters can also properly prepare walls as a canvas to make sure that it is ready for a new layer of paint. This might require scraping the existing layer of paint or just improving the texture of the wall first, especially if it is cement, before rolling in a fresh layer of paint.

Keep in mind that just as extensive as it is to prepare the walls, the clean up afterward can also be laborious but very important to avoid any chemical dust or scraps left behind that can be inhaled and pose a potential danger to your household’s health. By hiring an interior home painter, all of these steps and work are covered and done for you for your home in St. Augustine Shores and nearby areas. All you really have to do is sit back, relax, and prepare to see your professionally done wall painting.

Why Choose Our Exterior Painting Services?

Here at Premier St. Augustine Exterior Painting, our mission is to always impress our clients. This means outperforming expectations on what professionally done wall painting should look like. Apart from the best color payoff, texture, and precise evenness of the house paint, our professional painters also work hard to make sure that the paint will maintain its vibrancy through the years without premature chipping or fading. We do this by investing in training our local painters to make sure that they are equipped with the right tools and techniques to do the job right. This also means using only high quality paint products, never compromising for cheaper, lower quality brands just to save cost.

Premier St. Augustine Exterior Painting is also one of the most reasonably priced painting contractors in St. Augustine Shores. This is because we believe that professionally painted walls should not be a luxury. Average homeowners and business owners must be able to afford high quality house paint or commercial painting.

As one of the trusted and top-rated painting companies at St. Augustine Shores, Premier St. Augustine Exterior Painting is committed to continuing its reputation of providing professional painting services to homeowners and business owners without exuberant pricing but still without sacrificing the quality of work delivered.

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Our High-Quality Painting Services

Our local painters here at Premier St. Augustine Exterior Painting service to both residential painting and commercial painting scale. We have professional house painters as well as commercial painting contractors that can handle larger scale painting services. Premier St. Augustine Exterior Painting has both the manpower and the equipment to cater to commercial requirements including tighter deadlines or schedules. 

Those looking for house painters, on the other hand, can rest assured that our local painters or our painting contractors will perform the same quality of work they do on commercial painting projects, industrial painting projects, as well office painting contracts. Our painting contractors are also trained to do both external painting and internal home painting equally well. 

Since we are catering to St. Augustine Shores, our clients also have the assurance that our painting contractors or professional painters are equipped with the right tools, technique, and knowledge to cater to the special painting services that houses and establishes near salt water need to avoid premature chipping and fading of wall painting. Making sure that your painting contractor of choice understands the unique environment seaside establishments and houses are in is very important to ensure that you really are getting the most out of what you are paying for.

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Premier St. Augustine Exterior Painting services the area of St. Augustine Shores. Residents, homeowners, and business owners of St. Augustine Shores can now rest assured that they have access to high quality, professional painting services anytime they need them. Our local painters are on call any time of the day for all your painting needs, may it be for house painting, interior home painting, exterior house painting, commercial painting, industrial painting, or office painting.

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