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Homeowners and business owners often make the mistake of thinking interior painting can be made into a do-it-yourself project. Oftentimes, this is done to save some money. It might seem like hiring professional house painters is excessive, but it is actually the most cost-efficient option. Even with a lot of time and effort, it is impossible for amateur or first-time painters to achieve the same level of technique and precision professional painters work with. Professional painters are trained with the right techniques, equipped with the correct tools, and have years and years of experience in the field. This allows them to do quality work in a short period of time. Oftentimes, homeowners see this as an indicator of how easy the job is. In reality, it took rigorous training, practice, and years of experience before a professional painter can achieve this level of workmanship. 

This is why it is very important that when choosing a painting company or a painting contractor, you hire one with a true team of professional painters that are hard trained for the job. Since you are paying for a professional level of workmanship, hiring a painting company with a reputation of having a truly professional level of service ensures that you are, indeed, getting your money’s worth. 

Here at Premier St. Augustine Exterior Painting, to make sure that our clients are getting professional quality interior painting services, we invest in training our painting contractors. Through this regular training, we know that our house painters are equipped with the best and up to date techniques to perform their job and go beyond client’s expectations. 

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Our Superior Home Interior Painting

One of the first things anyone notices in every interior of every home is the color of the walls. May it is a pop of color or something more neutral, the walls of your home make up the overall interior. It sets itself as the background for everything. The color and texture of your walls will decide what kind of furniture to get, what fixtures to set up, even the light you will use. It can even define what the room is for by changing the whole aura or vibe of each and every room. The colors of your wall can even create an illusion of a larger room or, in adjacent, a cozier room. This is how important interior painting is. 

With most of our clients, they use interior paint to distinguish each room from the other. Typically, they would use a more playful color for their children’s room. More neutral colors for the living room and for the master’s bedroom. Usually, parents let the children decide what colors they want their room to be in. It makes interior wall painting very exciting for the entire household. This is how interior painting can be seen as the ultimate way to personalize each space. 

Interior home painting is one of the easiest and cheapest ways to renovate or change up a house as well. Paints fade and chip, especially when they are done rather poorly. It may also be stained. Even with the quality of paint, painted walls are not virtually indestructible. They naturally have their own wear and tear, and they will not stay the same over the years. This is why, for most households, whenever they think their house needs a refresh or a reset, interior wall painting is immediately what comes to mind. 

Interior painting and interior repainting, however, can get quite tricky and laborious especially when there is already an existing layer of paint. Fixtures and furniture all over the room or the house may make it quite difficult as well without staining a few items or so. This is exactly where professional interior painting comes in. This is when you may consider hiring professional interior house painters

Our Top-Rated Commercial Interior or Office Painting Service

One of the biggest mistakes new business owners make is to hire a general contractor for their entire establishment. On one hand, it makes sense that new business owners do this. It means less transaction, fewer people to deal with, and generally cheaper contracts. The problem with this is most general construction contracting companies do not specialize in painting, especially interior painting. Often, it is done haphazardly or without workmanship. This is when the quality of your interior painting suffers. Your interior walls will then chip, fade, or just become lacklustre all too fast. You may avoid all of these pitfalls by hiring a painting company or a painting contractor that specializes in commercial interior painting like Premier St. Augustine Exterior Painting. 

It is very important that you hire a painting company or painting contractor that specializes in large scale commercial interior painting projects, industrial painting, and office painting services. When you hire a residential painting scale painting company for large projects, chances are they have much less manpower and equipment to be able to keep up with tight commercial schedules. Naturally, you want painting and repainting jobs to take as little as time as possible to make your space fully functional and earning once again. By hiring a painting company that has the capacity to accommodate large scale jobs, you can rest assured that they can get the job done on time without sacrificing the quality of their workmanship. 

Here at Premier St. Augustine Exterior Painting, we offer commercial interior painting services as well as office interior painting services for business owners that are just getting started or are wanting to refresh their look. 

Our interior painting contractors here at Premier St. Augustine Exterior Painting understand just how much impression the color, texture, and quality of commercial walls make. They also understand that apart from quality, the two next things that business owners are concerned with are cost-efficiency and timeliness. These three are what our team here at Premier St. Augustine Exterior Painting strives for quality, cost-efficiency, and timeliness. 

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What can our painting contractors offer?

Here at Premier St. Augustine Exterior Painting, our painting contractors are true professionals that are trained to achieve the most even, precise and high-quality application in every stroke of paint on every wall of your house. Our commitment to investing in our painting contractors allowed Premier St. Augustine Exterior Painting to be one of the most trusted and top-rated painting companies here at St. Augustine, FL. 

With this level of commitment, you can be assured that you are getting the professional quality of painting service you are paying for. 

What can you get in hiring our painting company?

Professionally trained interior painting contractors

One of the most important things to consider in choosing a painting contractor or painting company for your home or for your establishment is the skilled professionalism of the painting contractors you are about to hire. This means hiring a painting company that really invests in training its workers. Otherwise, you risk hiring painting contractors that are underskilled and may not be able to guarantee professional quality interior walls. Worse, they may just have just as many as skills as an average homeowner with little to no experience in painting walls. This is obviously not worth hiring and paying for.

Exclusive use of high-quality paint products

Apart from investing in the training of their painting contractors, you also want a painting company like Premier St. Augustine Exterior Painting that exclusively uses trusted and high-quality brands. This is very important. Paint products are obviously not made equally. While more expensive brands do not automatically mean higher quality, be wary of painting companies that use generic, unbranded, or low-quality painting products for their painting services. The use of such painting products may result in premature fading, chipping, and damage.

Professional quality of interior paint

When you are paying for a professional interior painting contractor, you can expect precise techniques that allow for great color payoff, texture, and noticeable evenness that inexperienced painters would not be able to achieve. Here at Premier St. Augustine Exterior Painting, we guarantee the professional quality of interior paint.

Commercial painting and office painting services

The main difference between residential painting services from commercial painting services is the scale. With commercial establishments, walls are more likely higher, larger, with larger areas covered. Here at Premier St. Augustine Exterior Painting, we have enough painting contractors to accommodate projects of all sizes with the tightest deadlines. This is obviously very important for businesses and offices who naturally want to make use of the space immediately.

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