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The biggest mistake that a homeowner or a business owner can make when it comes to painting their house is to do it all by themselves. Without the proper knowledge, training, and appropriate tools and skillset, the outcome may not look like what they have intended in the first place. There are many accounts from Premier St. Augustine Exterior Painting’s clients telling our professional painters and painting contractors that they wished they knew us beforehand. That is because they have to redo the painting making the cost incurred doubled.

Letting our house painters do the painting services for you does not only make your house painting including both exterior paint and interior wall painting clean and beautiful, but it is economical in many ways. That is because our team of painting contractors has established a network of good standing and reliable suppliers who can offer paint buckets, tools, and other materials cheaper than the average market price. This is because we have established a form of partnership with these companies where business to business transactions benefit and complement both businesses involved. Secondly, our local painters can do the job five times faster and more accurately compared to a person doing the job without proper knowledge. Our house painters are highly skilled and well trained in doing the job with the shortest turnover time.

We know that when painting your house, stress builds up as a portion of your house may partially be inaccessible. As days go by, that stress builds up even more until the day the work is done. St. Augustine Exterior Painting and our professional painters make sure that stress is mitigated by doing the job as fast as we could with a remarkably accurate and clean outcome. Years of training made our local painters become the best interior wall painting service provider and exterior house painting service provider in Florida.

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Home Interior Painting Services

House painting can be subdivided into two parts, the interior, and the exterior. While both apply the basic principle of painting, these two parts of your home may have different requirements. Interior painting is more technical and requires precision more than any part of the house because our local painters cannot afford to commit mistakes. Thus, a relatively longer preparation must be followed and observed at all times. Premier St. Augustine Exterior Painting has done hundreds of home interior painting projects. Our house painters follow house paint standard operating procedures with strict guidelines developed by our team. These methodologies and guidelines have placed us on top of the competition as they become best practices in the painting services. Some of these guidelines and standard operating procedures are even adapted and applied in commercial painting and industrial painting projects because of their benefits to both the client and the business itself.

Premier St. Augustine Exterior Painting and our house painters are aware that paint colors and schemes vary within one house. For instance, a large house with three to four bedrooms can have five or more color schemes which may mean ten to twelve color set combinations. Our professional painters and consultants make sure that requirements this big must look beautiful. Making sure that multiple color schemes in one house still captures cohesion. Most painting companies and painting contractors are either not aware of this or do not have the ability to guarantee cohesion in varying color schemes. Dealing with this kind of painting contractors and painting companies makes you regret that you spend hundreds or even thousands of dollars for your home interior painting.  

Home Exterior Painting

Do not commit the same mistake of entrusting your home interior painting to the wrong painting company. Remember that mediocre work leads to unhappy and unsatisfied clients which eventually ends up hiring other house painters to redo the wall painting for their house.

Home exterior painting is another job that should definitely differ from interior house painting. The reason is that external factors such as wind, dirt, sun, and rain may adversely affect the painting condition. More importantly, exterior painters doing the exterior painting of your house must make sure to finish it in a timely manner. Following the schedule and the paint schedule plan without skipping any steps in the process is integral. Fundamental practices and established practices by Premier St. Augustine Exterior Painting company and its professional painters and painting contractors are crucial and helps in maintaining the high standard and quality of paint outcome of every project.

What Our House Painters Can Offer

Precision and quality are two of the most fundamental variables in every job that Premier St. Augustine Exterior Painting offers and guarantees to each client we have. We made sure that the years of skill training, experiences, and knowledge are applied into practice using the latest tools that enhance the quality and accuracy of every job.

Premier St. Augustine Exterior Painting believes that investing in our house painters is a key factor to success. The foundation of their knowledge contributes to the integrity of the company and the business. That is why we have periodical training and skill addition to widen our service portfolio.

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Why trust our painting company in St. Augustine, FL?

In Premier St. Augustine Exterior Painting, we make sure that we exclusively use high-grade painting materials and products in our residential painting services. Trusted and high-quality home painting brands and industrial-grade painting materials are two of the pride of our business. We believe that using these top-quality brands with excellent painting materials can increase the value and the quality of our service. In the same manner, using these painting materials increases the lifespan of the walls of your home.

High-quality painting brands and materials have added protection technology shielding your exterior walls and interior walls from elements that may inflict damage to a rather poor-quality wall painting. The use of such painting products may result in premature fading, chipping, and damage. Thus, a little extra cost is always worth every penny you spend when you hire our professional painters.