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Commercial Painting, St. Augustine, FL

They say the first impression lasts. That is even true in business. Commercial painting, believe it or not, contributes largely to your sales department, your branding, and your overall organization’s productivity. The reason behind this is not obvious but commercial painting improves your sales team in closing that much anticipated deal.

For instance, you have a client meeting with a potentially big deal for your business. Inviting him to your building, he sees the old painting outside your property with fading and water marks. You eventually have him walked to your office hall and down to your conference room, he sees the interior of your office poorly painted with paint scratches and damages all over. He thinks that these small details reflect how you do business. The conversation between your lead salesman and your potential client has not yet started but the latter has already decided not to pursue the deal with your business. He walks uninterested and goes on to the next business who had not the better deal but a nice and clean exterior wall painting and office painting. Their salesman closed the deal. The implication may be trivial for some but for businesses who are serious in what they do and what they can offer for their potential clients, this is something that must be considered.

Commercial painting and industrial painting services are important for your brand. Believe the expert when they say that your next potentially big deal can be shrug off and may become uninterested because of how you present yourself, particularly your business.

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What is exterior commercial painting?

Compared to exterior painting of a residential unit or a house, commercial painting usually has larger wall painting requirements. Because naturally, commercial establishments are bigger, commercial painting can have two requirements: exterior wall painting and roof painting needs. In some cases, commercial buildings have flat cement roofs where they place and install the outdoor unit of their air condition system. In this type of commercial establishment, roof cement paintings are needed as well as extending the requirement from the exterior walls to the rooftop floorings and sidings.

Exterior commercial painting is relatively more expensive than house exterior painting because it requires commercial-grade painting materials. These types of painting materials are ideally modeled for commercial use because they can resist high stress and pressure from external elements that may be present in a highly urbanized area such as dirt, pollution, extreme sunlight, rain, and other contaminants and damaging agents. Using commercial-grade painting materials can increase the lifespan of your commercial exterior wall painting.    

What is interior business or office painting?

It is always best to hire a painting company that can do interior wall painting for your office or business wall painting needs. Professional painters are trained to do the job with precision and accuracy maintaining the cleanliness of your office before, during, and after the work. In other words, you do not have to worry about floor and wall stains which may include paint drips on your office furniture and fixtures.

Interior business or office painting fundamentally requires a shorter time of turnover. While many painting companies can offer interior business or office painting, few can deliver it with a short turnaround time. It is important to hire the most professional painters and ingenious painting contractors to lessen the risk of the painting job affecting the operation of your business.

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We believe that investing through your employees is one of the most valuable investments that a business owner and its organization can make. It gives the business a win-win situation. In the same manner, as more skills, knowledge, and expertise are acquired the employees’ personal and professional la development grows even more. This growth translates to the growth of the company as the service portfolio can also be increased. Ultimately, investing in your employees improves the well-being of the company attracting more opportunities for development and growth as well as profitability.

Our professional painters and painting contractors are licensed and have received series of training in the same field of painting. This allows us to serve different clients with different requirements. For the past few years, we have increased our service portfolio to include many industrial and commercial painting requirements that most painting companies cannot efficiently do. In return, we have rewarded our local painters with benefits and compensation to complement their craftsmanship.

Our team of committed and highly motivated local painters from Florida and neighboring states earns the mastery of their craftsmanship through years of hard work. Their principle is simple – for every project they do, is a work they own and can be proud of.

The transformation of work mindset that Premier St. Augustine Exterior Painting does to empower and elevate the morale of its employees is innovative in a way that they create more opportunities for growth. Harmonized work environment and letting them have their ownership of the work. It is that simple. So, when it comes to office painting, residential painting, or even industrial painting, our professional painters took their artistic liberty, and at the same time, they meet the requirement of their clients with 100% accuracy.

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To ensure quality, together with these lifelong practices and principle, Premier St. Augustine Exterior Painting make sure to use only the highest quality of materials and the most reliable brands for your commercial painting needs. This allows us to guarantee quality and to also improve our portfolio of projects. Our procurement team and the business development managers have established partnerships and strong relationships with paint brands which strengthen and support our goal of delivering quality with the most accurate paint job for our clients. We also ensure that when doing commercial painting projects, our painting company observe health and safety standards that the Occupational Safety and Health Administration require. By abiding by these regulations, we were able to keep a clean record of employee accidents and injuries. Ensuring health and safety amongst our employees is a must and Premier St. Augustine Exterior Painting is a business that will never undermine the importance of this aspect most especially in commercial painting projects.