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Your property especially your home reflects your life and your achievement. Not everyone does not realize this but investing in your house is more than a personal but a lifetime commitment. We know that our home is where we foster growth. It is the place where the foundation of good values for our children and family members is built. It is where we seek security, safety, and it is the only place where we can be ourselves. With having this in mind, you should treat your home as a sanctuary of life.

Many people fail to notice this, but our home is the only investment that can provide us security. At the same time, investing in your home increases its market value which you can benefit from when you are planning of selling it in the future. But what makes a home value can sometimes be elusive. Most of the time, we think that adding features like a garden, swimming pool, bathtubs, cold and hot shower, a nice lawn, an attic, or anything that may require construction guarantees high value. While this is true, there are things that can make your home increase its value without spending too much money, such as exterior painting.

Homeowners and business owners alike often make the mistake of undermining their properties wall painting. This is especially true with residential owners. Exterior house painting for instance can already make the property look old and less valuable because of poor painting quality. Painting repairs and retouches are required sometimes but property owners do not usually take the necessary steps of painting the walls or hiring house painters to do the job. On the other hand, commercial properties and buildings usually have dirty walls because they are situated in highly urbanized locations such as metros, and business districts where pollution and other forms of pollutants and external elements are present. Many business owners do not know this, but dirty walls can stain and damage your wall painting. The same is true in the office’s interior walls where interior paintings are usually damaged because of high volume of traffic and activities.

The importance of painting your home or commercial properties is not just for its look or aesthetic value. It also frees stress and increases productivity for your family members if you are a homeowner, or your employees if you are a business owner with a commercial property. More importantly, office painting is integral to the profitability of your business in one way or another. Imagine an office with poor painting. Even good lighting cannot do the job of lighting up your office space without a good interior painting. In corporate settings where millennials dominate the workplace, it is important that you provide your employees with a conducive space where creativity and growth are fostered. Small details such as clean pantries, comfortable couches, excellent lighting, windows, and even painting can help you create an ideal space. Let Premier St. Augustine Exterior Painting and our painting contractors guide you in your first step to achieving this goal.

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Why Trust Our Exterior Painting Services?

We have been in this industry providing painting services for years. We have poured our life and time into this service more than any painting company out there. We have a team of committed painters and painting contractors who can deliver just about anything that you may need for your house paint and commercial painting needs. As a company that cares about its employees, we empower each of our professional painters by letting them own their craft and hone their skills with every job or project they have. This allows us to increase our knowledge and experience more deeply in this service. With every project and client we have, we make sure that we give our 100% and do exactly what our clients need for their residential or commercial properties.

Our Painting Services

Premier St. Augustine Exterior Painting is a painting company that specializes in both home painting and commercial painting. Our painting services include house painters where we do services for residential homes and properties including interior painting, interior wall painting, and exterior painting. Our painting contractors and a team of professional painters are highly skilled professionals and have been in the painting services for years. We also hire local painters in St. Augustine, Florida, and other nearby places. Our painters have undergone painting orientation, house paint or commonly called residential painting, commercial painting, and industrial painting training. With every project, we assign a highly motivated and committed team of painters to do the job and finish it exactly how you want it.

While house paint job and office painting may look simply and while you feel that wall painting is something that you can do on your own, painting companies like our business, Premier St. Augustine Exterior Painting can do the job 100x better and more efficient. The mistake of house owners is that they take the liberty of painting their homes without proper knowledge, skills, and tools to do it. In addition to this, they do not have the network to purchase paint materials with the most competitive pricing and at the same time, having all sorts of colors and shades available.

Doing the job on your own can be messy and inefficient. And what comes after an inefficient and messy job is higher cost. That is because you will have to buy materials such as thinners to clean up the mess and stains on the floor and other parts of your home. You will be met by extra trouble when painting the interior of your house as it will involve more technicalities and requires more preparation. Missing out on these preparations can definitely increase your cost and most likely damage your furniture, floorings, and other parts of your house. Premier St. Augustine Exterior Painting house paint and home interior painting services guarantees hassle free jobs. You do not have to worry about anything. Our professional painters and painting contractors will help you achieve your dream home and your ideal house paint in a blink of an eye. Below are our basic painting services. 

House Painters

House Painters We have a team of painters who specializes in offering house paint services. Our team who handles house painting jobs is highly skilled and experienced in residential painting. Regardless of the size of your property, may it be small or big, we can deliver the job for you.

Our house painters may include services such as exterior wall painting, roof painting, garden and lawn painting, interior wall paintings, and ceilings. What makes our house painters service special is that we guarantee our clients that our job is efficient and will not cause any damage or stains. We make sure to follow our methods carefully in order to protect the property from paint stains and drippings. For interior house and home painting, we use drop cloths and sheets to cover furniture and appliances. In this way, you do not have to empty your house before the job can be started. 

Exterior House Painting White

Commercial Painting

Commericial Building Painter On Scaffolding

Do not get fooled by a general contractor to do the painting job for you. The biggest mistake of business owners is to save themselves from the hassle of sourcing a separate painting company for their office painting and exterior commercial painting needs. The only reason why a specialized painting company that offers painting services exist is because they can do the job 100x better, cost-efficient, and much faster. General contractors without much knowledge about painting can require double the time required by a specialized painting company such as Premier St. Augustine Exterior Painting. We know that in business, time is a currency. That is why we have separate commercial painters and commercial painting contractors who are well experienced in commercial painting. This also includes industrial painting needs where most of our clients are from the manufacturing and warehousing sector.

Interior Painting

You may think that interior painting is no different from our two other painting services. While it involves the same principle and knowledge in painting, what makes our interior painting superior is our methodologies in doing it. Premier St. Augustine Exterior Painting has trained our local painters to be 100% efficient and accurate in the job more specifically when doing interior wall painting jobs. Our team of interior house painters has done more than a hundred projects with different residential clients. This experience has made our local painters the top-notch painters in the painting services and amongst painting companies available in Florida.

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